STUFF Maker X 3SSENCE: fashion pop-up store in Mallorca

STUFF Maker X 3SSENCE: fashion pop-up store in Mallorca

In April 2022 we opened the new x essence premium and high fashion pop-up store at Costa d’en Brossa 6 . In the city of Palma, the capital of Mallorca. A highly singular shop where we invite our top brands to be our guests for a season. This new project is our response to the demand of offering the brands that are part of the essence collective (available at our different shops in Mallorca) the opportunity to showcase their complete collection in a private mono store.

STUFF Maker X 3SSENCE is a white canvas that the guest brand can completely customize to portray its own unique universe. A place for our clients and friends to dive deeper and enjoy the brand’s full experience. An opportunity for the brand to attract new customers and raise awareness of their business.

STUFF MAKER x essence fashion pop-up store interior
STUFF MAKER x essence fashion pop-up store interior

Let’s say that at our essence shops visitors can get a taste of a wide array of fashion brands curated by our team. Whilst, at the STUFF Maker X 3SSENCE store, those who are hungry for more can indulge in the pleasures of a complete menu. Yummy!

The pop-up store’s name is an ode to love. The letter X is used as an acronym for a kiss. But, when put in between 2 names it means ‘to love’. Hence, it signifies much more than a partnership or collaboration between ‘x’ brand from the essence collective and essence. It’s the result of a close relationship of love and affection. This is portrayed in a love[ly] pop-up store where both parties put their passion, creativity, and love for fashion at work.

STUFF MAKER x 3ssence

STUFF MAKER is the first brand to showcase its complete collection in our X 3SSENCE fashion pop-up store. We couldn’t be happier! Our love story is a consolidated one that goes back in time. Back in 2017, we fell in love with Jens Winterbauer, the founder and creative director, and his creations. Furthermore, we share the same passion for fashion and core values. It was love at first sight (and smile).

STUFF MAKER offers unique high-quality bags and fashion accessories with trendsetting designs. Produced with unique premium material combinations that don’t go unnoticed. Jens describes his fashion pieces as: “distinctive, cool, offbeat, absolutely wearable and easy-going, with a flair for trendsetting style that stands out from the crowd”.

STUFF MAKER x essence fashion pop-up store interior

STUFF Maker X 3SSENCE fashion pop-up store interior

The STUFF Maker X 3SSENCE pop-up store has white walls with white frames that embrace the colorful handbags as the pieces of art they are. The vibrant yellow fluor carpet will also catch your eye. Lastly, little can we say about the unique wooden table at the center of the store Jens bought at an antique store.

Visit STUFF Maker X 3SSENCE fashion pop-up store in Mallorca before it closes its doors at the end of the summer of 2022!

STUFF MAKER label on Camouflage backpack available at x essence

STUFF MAKER label on Camouflage backpack available at x essence

What makes STUFF Maker X 3SSENCE so special?

  • Location. Positioned in the historical, beautiful, and romantic old town of Palma. A go-to spot for tourists to shop with lots of foot traffic. Next to the two essence shops.
  • Versatility. 32 square meters: practical, versatile, and 100% customizable. A white canvas for the brand to adapt to its very own independent style.
  • Ephemeral. Open for a limited period of time. Usually, open only for 6 months which coincides with the fashion industry’s main collections. Autumn-winter (AW) or Spring-summer (SS).  A here today, gone tomorrow type of concept.
  • Endorsement. Supported by essence, a well-known brand in Mallorca with a strong and loyal customer base. We always encourage our clients and friends to stop by.

Come visit before it transforms!

STUFF Maker X 3SSENCE: Costa d’en Brossa, 6, 07001 Palma, Illes Balears

Your 3ssence team

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