Hello and welcome to 3SSENCE, the Fashion & Lifestyle Collective on Mallorca!

We are proud to present the latest and most exciting trends in high end fashion to our customers in Palma, Port Andratx and Santanyi. Our two shops in Palma offer a wide range of clothing, shoes and accessories to suit all tastes.

Our 3SSENCE concept store in Palma is a true fashion paradise on 120sqm, where you will find exclusive pieces from the hottest designers. We offer a progressive mix of brands for men and women, always catering to the tastes of our customers. In the store we have elegant clothing as well as shoes, accessories and lifestyle products for you.

In addition to our two shops 3SSENCE Concept and 3SSENCE Lifestyle, we also have the X-3SSENCE Concept in Palma.

With our X-3SSENCE Concept in Palma on Mallorca, we would like to give our premium and high-end brands the opportunity to present themselves as a monostore with us for an entire season in an area of 35 square metres.

The space will be handed over to the brand of the season as a white box and will be specially designed by them as well as equipped with their complete collection.
The X in our name stands for "out of 3SSENCE" and is meant to encourage them to stick their heads out of the fashion forest and explicitly present themselves to an international audience that frequents Mallorca.

This offer is particularly interesting for our rather young brands in the portfolio, while established brands usually have no difficulty being discovered by the end customer. We look forward to introducing you to our range and helping you choose the perfect pieces for your personal style.

We launched the concept at the start of the 2022 season and it offers a great opportunity to present either a spring/summer or an autumn/winter collection, depending on the brand's current focus.

We are proud to already have over 70 premium and high-end brands in our portfolio and look forward to continuing to offer our customers a wide range of stylish and high quality fashion. Our professional sales team will take care of the merchandise and sales, so you can focus on discovering the latest collections.

Vis à vis from our large concept store in Palma is our small 3SSENCE Lifestyle Store. Here you will find sneaker brands such as Autry and Hidnander from Italy, but also belts, bags and perfumes by Ralp Gladen, as well as handmade Love & Stones candles from Port Andratx on Mallorca and well-known organic cosmetics by Demares, which are also produced on Mallorca.

Furthermore, in our 3SSENCE Lifestyle Store we present small capsule collections of newly discovered brands from the USA, Canada or Europe that would otherwise be lost in the masses. We want to give you the opportunity to discover new brands and be inspired by our wide range of lifestyle products. Buy and wear!

Our 3SSENCE Lifestyle Store is located in Port Andratx on the south-west coast of Mallorca, in the first row of the harbour and captivates with its luxurious style. Here you will find the same and large range as in Palma on 120sqm.
Let yourself be attracted by the sexiness of this store, all in creamy white, as luxurious as the white yachts in the harbour.

Our Archive Store in the idyllic village of Santanyi is the perfect place to make the most interesting discoveries and browse through the earlier seasonal merchandise. With an area of 150sqm, the shop is located in a historic townhouse with a beautiful patio to linger on.

In summer 2023, the Archive will move to an old goat shed built from natural Mallorcan limestone in the patio of the house and the shop space will be stocked with new spring/summer 2023 collections.
The assortment will be adapted to the sister shops in Palma and Port Andratx on 150sqm in the main house, so that we can offer our customers a wide selection of high-quality fashion and lifestyle products.

Our online presence at www.3SSENCE.com allows us to reach our customers all over the island and beyond.
We are more than just a shop - we are a community that celebrates fashion and lifestyle. That's why we also like to connect directly with our customers and keep them up to date with what's going on at our store. So be sure to subscribe to our social media channels and newsletter so you don't miss any news from us.
Regular blog posts and event announcements are also available here at www.3SSENCE.com.

Lifestyle and fashion are our absolute passion. As well as our great selection of fashion, we also offer first class service and advice to ensure you find the perfect outfit to suit your style and lifestyle. We want you to feel comfortable with us and to feel that we care about you. We believe that fashion is not only there to make us look good, but also to inspire and empower us to be ourselves.

At 3SSENCE, we are not only interested in fashion, but also in art, music, literature, politics, food and travel. That's why we strive to not only present the latest fashion trends to our customers, but also offer cultural insights and inspiration. We regularly host events in our stores that focus on different themes such as art, music and literature. Subscribe to our newsletter or read our blog posts regularly.

Just drop by and let us spoil you. How about a freshly tapped cava from the tap or a cool bottle of beer.... After all, you are on holiday.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you find your perfect favourite! We specialise in the most beautiful looks and styles and love to share our knowledge and passion with our valued customers and clients. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our stores or meeting you online soon!

Because, Style is the answer to everything *