The founders of 3SSENCE fell in love with Mallorca back in 2019. A Mediterranean island with an enchanting atmosphere that invites you to take a deep breath and distance yourself from the current widespread hectic fast-paced lifestyle.

Irresistibly attracted by its international vibes they saw an opportunity in contributing to growing the island’s premium and exclusive fashion sector.

Janna, Lars, and Jürgen are the management team at the helm of 3SSENCE multi-brand high-end fashion and lifestyle concept stores in Mallorca. An eclectic trio, passionate about fashion - united by fate - growing into a family.

Creative hard workers that share a natural instinct to sense what’s next in the fashion world. Always on the run for that special piece within a collection that will become the coolest object of desire.

They believe strongly in having the freedom to be your true unique self, carried by your personal style. They are on a mission, together by offering an unique selection of premium products and professional styling advice in a welcoming atmosphere.